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Don't treat your business like a hobby!

  • Licensing, business insurance, getting a LLC... or not

  • Re-booking. building a clientele but most importantly maintaining clients

  • The importance of treating yourself as a business

  • Creating a budget that keeps your business in profit

  • Creating a social presence     

1.5 hour course   $175


Using a E-file will save your wrist & increase your speed.

  • Learn safe usage techniques & how to prep nails for any service with E-File

  • Types of bits & when to use what.

  • Proper sanitation of bits & ventilation 

  • Removing nails with drill, safely. 

You'll need a 3,500+ drill for this refresh class.

You'll receive 2 bits for class

1.5 hour course   $175



Get your service time down to 30 min & increase your earning potential. 

The Soft Gel Overlay.

  • Proper Gel Polish application. 

  • Troubleshoot the issues that might come with application. 

  • Provide manicures that can last a month with proper foundation/prep

  • Learn how to French quickly & flawless

  • Soak Offs & E-file Removal 

  • Live Model Training

  • Healthy Lunch to fuel a long day

  • Overlay Kit Includes::

180/240 file, cuticle scissors, cuticle bits, acetone, nail cleanse, 2x2,

base & top coat, hard gel, two gel colors, removal pads

(e-file available for class usage.)

4 hour course $650      $300 non-refundable deposit at registration 



Full coverage Nail Tips

  • Learn to quick prep with a E-file  & hand file.

  • Troubleshoot the issues that might come with application. 

  • Provide extensions that can last a month with proper foundation/prep.

  • Learn how to French quickly & flawless.

  • Quick soak off techniques & E-file Removal 

  • Live Model Training

  • Healthy Lunch to fuel a long day

  • Gel Kit Includes:

180/240 file, acetone, nail cleanse, 2x2,

non-acidic gel primer, extend gel bottle, non-wipe top coat, two gel colors, removal pads, mini LED light, 500 piece Natural Medium Coffin Gel X Tips 

4 hour course    $650       $300 non-refundable deposit at registration


Day ONE: We'll be doing Tier One & Two nail art designs using Gel 

  • Pricing strategies & timing

  • Speed techniques

  • Brush cleaning and storage 

  • Picture taking & editing

  • Proper Polishing

  • Layering to blend colors 

  • Foil art & Incorporating decals in a design

  • The French, Cuticle Cuff, Half Moon, Straight Lines

  • Glitter, Sugar Effect

DAY TWO:  We'll be doing Tier Two & Three nail art designs using Gel

  • Animal Print Jungle

  • Swirls Please

  • Matte Marble: two ways

  • Hippie Spirit with smiley faces & flowers.

  • Creating a design from your environment 

  • Applying Crystals

  • Plus more quick techniques to spice up a manicure

  • Kit Includes::

180/240 file, acetone, nail cleanse, 2x2's, matte top coat

non-wipe top coat, four gel colors, gold foil, decals, stones, loose glitter, nail art brushes, removal pads, small LED light, plus goodies

$650 investment

$300 non-refundable deposit at registration


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Please Note:  For best results you should be licensed or working toward a degree to take my workshops. Having a knowledge of nail sanitation, nail anatomy & proper terminology is a must. These workshops will not license you to be a Nail technician!  They will however help you foster the skills to get you making money today.  

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