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First Time Client?
To ensure your sets' longevity & to access the health of your nails, I ask you come with bare nails to your appointment. I don't remove acrylic/dip but if you need gel polish removal from another salon be sure to add to your cart to reserve time.
I don't work over another salon's work.

All services include Gel Color.

Gel Pedicures are still on pause


Grow those Nails!

Hard gel is a thicker gel used under your gel color/nail art to provide extra strength.

3+weeks wear   

30min  50

Hard Gel:

Perfect for Encapsulation.

Hard gel is used to build nails with forms ( no tip is used) 

1hr 75+

Gel X:

Length Please!

Full coverage tip that is cured under led light.

45mins 60+

Gel Pedicure:

One time use liner for every service.

Soak, scrub, dry paddle, foot & leg massage, hot towel.

Service is finished with Gel Color.  

45min  75

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